Enriching and Sustaining our Communities!


We educate by example! San Diego Baja Tours has been green since our first trip, we recycle, reuse and reduce! We have been committed to protecting and preserving our environment since we began taking students and other groups to Baja and around San Diego. We take our devotion to the environment seriously because we want you to be able to experience our destinations in the pristine manner in which they are meant to be admired on your adventure!


We are local and we work with locals! Our goal on each side of the border is to nurture a sense of community by creating and sustaining jobs which provide a living wage, supporting and investing in the local economies and passionate entrepreneurs. We are able to provide you with the most viable, innovative, freshest, and best products and services because we take the time to develop deep rooted friendships and working relationships with our fellow natives who share our dedication.

Plastic Waste Reduction:

When you come with us, you will receive a SDB Tours Tin Cup. We provide these and watering stations on our trips to quench your thirst. We also use reusable and plant based materials for our Charcuterie Boxes, Avocado Pit Straws and Bamboo Utensils are part of our commitment to sustainability and less plastic waste on our planet!


Our transportation not only provides you an engaging, enticing and priceless way to experience our destinations, it also reduces the number of cars on our busy roads and highways. One of our tours takes at the least 12 cars off the road!

The Benefits: Less traffic and fuel burning, and fewer cars ultimately means less pollution! All of this calculates into a cleaner Planet for all of us.


One Planet, One World!

At SDB Tours, we have been passionately teaching, promoting and practicing environmental awareness and welfare since our inception 10 years ago and we are resolute in our commitment.

Today, tomorrow and beyond, we will continue to utilize new and innovative ways to improve our service and pledge to our world so that the next generations can continue to learn, experience and enjoy this wonderful and eclectic Planet of ours.

Hop on Board, Help us Preserve our Planet, Get Educated and Enjoy!

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