1. Masks. Yes! Masks are required for everyone. You will not be let in anywhere without one. 
  2. The Border. The Border situation is fluid, it seems to change every week. At the moment border travel is open.
  3. If you are extremely worried about your personal health and safety in regards to Corona-Virus, and Variants or are fearful of being in public places around other people, these tours are probably not a good thing for you!

Is it safe to visit and tour Baja California and Mexico?

Contrary to the Internet and media sensationalism, the vast majority of Mexico and Baja California are totally safe for foreign visitors. Safety is a top priority on every one of our tours, we do our best which is pretty good to insure your safety at all times during our time together.

Do I need my Passport?

Yes, Always bring your Passport! Not an option!

You are going to foriegn country!  Global Entry only gets you back into the United States.

Current law now states that a passport and Mexican Tourist card (FMM) are required to enter into Mexico or to get back into the United States! It is required that you bring your passport on the trip in case immigration officers on either side of the border ask for it. Again, you are going to a foriegn country, always bring proper identification..  If you come on the trip without a passport/passport card and you are denied entry into Mexico, then you will have to stay behind and find a way back home on your own without any refund for the tour. *Global Entry is Not a Passport and not accepted to enter Mexico, we learned this lesson when the law changed.  It is entirely up to the discretion of the border agents on either side of the border whether or not to run you through a secondary check for not having your passport, Visa, or Mexican Tourist Card (FMM) when returning to the U.S. Which can delay your re-entry for a significant amount of time, minimum 45 minutes up to 4 hours. 

For Non US Citizens: Visas and/or Mexican Mexican Tourist card FMM are required to enter into Mexico or to get back into the United States!  Check with your local state department to make sure your Visa and immigration papers are in order before leaving the country.

Always have all of the required documentation, it makes your trip that much more enjoyable! 

Please fill out the FFMMexican Tourist Card before your tour.

FFM Mexican Tourist Card

Where do we meet?

Typically, our tours depart from the San Ysidro border walk across, PedWest, which is across the street for Las Americas Premium Outlets. We can also do a pickup at your home or hotel in Mexico as well.  If you want to be picked up at your Hotel, B&B, Residence or Central Location, pick up and drop off within San Diego is available for an additional fee per person and location.

How long is the drive?

It is a two hour drive to Ensenada or Valle de Guadalupe, it is a beautiful drive along the coast.

How long is the tour?

We cross the border at 9 am and usually return by 6-7pm, so it is a 10 hour adventure minimum!  Border waits will vary! We do our best to make them as short as possible. So, plan on an all day excursion on our day trips.

How long is the Border wait?

Time of year, weather, Covid, there are so many factors which come into play and that is why it is very important to have the proper documentation!  The wait can be 15 minutes or up to 2 hours, not including Secondary inspection if you do not have your documents in order.  Since we arrive in the evening, it is Usually better but as with anything at the border, There are No Guarantees!

What is the tour like?

It will be an adventure, you will learn a bunch, have fun and experience some awesome food, wine, beer, people and anything else that is within reach. Remember, we are Teachers and we will be enlightening you on the area we call Baja Norte, the rich culture, history and traditions.  You do not have to worry about getting lost and not knowing the driving laws, what to do when crossing the border each way, tolls, just kick back and enjoy!

How many people can go on a tour with San Diego Baja Tours?

Our tours are structured for a minimum of 2 travelers up to…, well we have not reached a limit yet.  We will accommodate your group whatever size it is!

What is the plan at each winery?

We provide you with 1 tour, 3 – 4 healthy tastings at each winery,we visit a minimum of 3 wineries, teaching you about the regional wines, Our proprietary Charcuterie boxes to indulge in and delicious dishes from the BajaMed fusion kitchens at each stop while you are enjoying the view from our private terrace and seating areas. And, of course, you can buy additional tastings, glass or bottle of your favorite varietal. Remember, only 1 litre of wine, beer, alcohol is permitted per person crossing the border.

Do you do overnight/multi day tours?

Yes, we most certainly do!  There is so much to see and do in Baja and San Diego! We have our 2 day trips and we can Customize any amount of time/days which you would like to spend in Baja. You can combine any of our trips or come up with your own and we will do our damndest to make it happen. Nothing Illegal of course. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get you all setup for a private custom multi day tour.

How much alcohol can I bring back across the border?

1 (ONE) Litre of beer, wine or liquor, that is all.  If you try to bring back more it will be confiscated, we know from experience! 

What types of vehicles do you use?

We have Sedans, SUVs, Ford Transit Vans, Mercedes Sprinters, Volkwagon Crafters and Buses for groups of all sizes. All vehicles are clean, well accommodated, late model editions with A/C.  Our Transportation has been in business for over 35 years, trusted, permitted and insured and are the premiere people movers in Baja. Our focus is on safety even though it may take a little longer to get where we are going, you just relax and enjoy!

Do I need to be 21 years of age? Can I bring my children younger than 21?

Our wine and beer tours are catered to adults because drinking alcohol is involved. For this reason, we ask that only mature adults accompany us on our winery and brewery tours. You are going to be in a foriegn country and like most of the world, the drinking age in Mexico is 18, not 21 like in the United States. In Mexican culture, it is considered normal for young adults to consume the occasional alcoholic beverage in a repsible way. We have been taking groups from all over the world and their cultures mirror Mexico’s and they act accordingly.  If you or your children are between the ages of 18 and 21 years old and mature enough to responsibly enjoy tasting very good wine, beer, or liquor then you will be welcome guests on our tours. We also have tours for families with children!

Which wineries do we go to?

There are over 120 wineries now in Baja California and over 100 of them are in Valle de Guadalupe!  We have selected what we feel and our guests agree are the best wineries and our list is always growing.  We take you to wineries and breweries not just in Valle de Guadalupe, we go east and south to the other wine prodigy valleys and also in and around Ensenada. Since we are teachers, we provide a well-rounded tour which includes the best artisan wine, beer, cheese and food available along with the rich history and culture.

If you do not know which wineries or breweries to go to, rest assured we will take you to some incredible spots.  If you have been to Baja before and want to go to specific wineries, not a problem and we will do our damndest to make it happen!  We can customize a trip for you to all points of the compass in and around Ensenada.  Prices may vary for our custom adventures, you will not be disappointed in any of them.

What should I bring on the tour?


Umbrella and Hat:

Of course this is optional based on the local weather. Though I have found umbrellas just as useful to keeping sun off me on really hot days as well as rain. Or a hat if you are so inclined.

Light jacket:

Again, this is a situational item. If you are spending a long day out, weather can vary and nights can be cool. Sometimes trains or buses can be cold as well, so a light jacket or sweatshirt can be worthwhile to pack for a day trip.

Tissues, Lotions, Sun protection, etc.

Tissues don’t take up much room, and I often find uses for them. Aside from the obvious uses for tissues, I have been in way too many bathrooms that don’t have toilet paper, so I never go out without tissues.


Nothing Bigger Than $20 dollar bills, they have ATMs and you can withdraw in dollars Most of the time:) or Pesos: 

Overnight Bag/Pillow:

For our Overnight or Multi Night Trips, please do not go overboard, 1 medium to large bag per person.  Space can be limited!

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