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San Diego Baja Custom Tours!

Come Off The Beaten Path With Us, We offer Custom and Unique Excursions and Activities Midweek or the Weekend.

First and Foremost, Passion!  We bring our passion for educating the socially conscious, globally aware who desire to learn more than what you acquire on the Internet, books, or in a classroom. It is all about the experience!  Whether it is the world class wine, beer, cocktails or cuisine on both sides of the border, you will love it all.

Second: We are Locals!  Tommy is a native Californian with 8 generations of exploration in our region, San Diego and Baja are home. We put all of our expertise and love into what we do to provide custom crafted and unique trips for anyone and everyone: families, explorers, parties, companies, and groups of all kinds.

Taking you Off the Beaten Path means you get to see places most people who have moved to San Diego haven’t discovered yet.  We will take you to the Iconic locals and our personal hidden treasures in and around San Diego and Baja. This includes working with our partners providing safe and secure transportation, accommodations, libations and culinary delights to insure that your trip will be more than you ever expected. Safety and sustainability are key components on our trips!

We bring our extensive Resumes, knowledge, languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and many more) and rare expertise of the area where we live and play. 

San Diego is our home and there is so much to see and do!  We have our Wine Bar Crawl or Brewery Hop seeing and enjoying different neighborhoods around downtown. Explore our beautiful coast line on the Coaster or head up to Julian for apple pie or go to the desert for some serious eclectic and sometimes just pain strange place to check out.  

Baja California is our neighbor and our home away from home. We take you where we have been traveling to since we were children. We have intimate knowledge of the people, culture, food, drinks, music, and sites.  We provide you with safe and secure transportation, lodging, and locations so you are able to appreciate and understand the True Mexico! 

On SDB Iconic Tours: We go to Boutique Wineries, Craft Breweries, Restaurants, Shopping, Rescue Horseback Ride and Ranch Hacienda Overnight or a shorter Horseback Ride on the Beach (1), The Blow Hole, Cheese and Wine Tours and Tastings and of course, the classic combo of Tacos and Beer or Mexican Coca Cola! 

T & M: Tacos and Margaritas! You will have the chance to sample the various killer tacos whether it is a fish, carne asada, or Birria style lamb, goat or beef tacos.  For our non-meat eaters, we have wonderful options for you as well because Traditional Mexican cuisine is more fruit and vegetable based.   Learn from us about the Margarita War, where was it first concocted, and which is the best?  We will take you to try them and then you can decide for yourself!  Never fear, there are always your favorite local beer, wine or non-alcoholic libations as an option. 

Our Awesome Activities Include: Surfing, Camping, Fishing, Whale Watching, Golfing, Beach Bonfires, BBQ’s, Catering, Food Trucks….

Retreats? Your Wellness is of the utmost importance.  Annemarie can help you whether it is a Spiritual, Corporate, Family Reunion, or a Group Hideaway! 

Custom Multi Day Adventures and Activities:  Give us an Itinerary, you can choose from our Destinations or if you have your own wish list, nothing Illegal, of course! We will move Heaven and Earth to make this experience happen!

For Non-English Speakers: We have Guides who speak many languages! English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and more.  

Why Are We San Diego Baja Tours?  Because, no matter how long we have been on this planet, our desire to learn and experience our world and beyond allows us to always be lifelong adventurers! We are always thinking Outside of the Box! In this way, we are not your typical Cookie Cutter tour company.  Come with us: using all of your senses, open yourself and experience our world through our eyes for an Authentic time in our Diverse and Eclectic Region. We are with you from Start to Finish!

(1) We are proud to support the local Pretty Horses Rescue and Other Critters Sanctuary, an organization that seeks to rescue and rehabilitate neglected animals in Northern Baja California.

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